Photo Dr Neetu NIRDOSH - Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor |

Dr Neetu NIRDOSH - Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor |

Dr Neetu NIRDOSH - Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor |

Treatments for Hair

Dr Nirdosh treats people who suffer from a wide variety of hair deficiencies, such as hair loss, and has several formulas of help. Assisting people with hair treatment concerns is undoubtedly one of her specialties. She offers a diversity of vitamin and mineral-enriched shampoos and conditioners. These not only provide nourishment to the hair, but also make it smooth. For those with thinning hair, Dr Nirdosh provides special shampoos and conditioners.

Books Written by Dr Nirdosh

Her books have assisted her in exposing her secrets and, as a result, disapproval has decreased. From gaining experience by dealing with the problems that cause skin aging, Dr Nirdosh has authored a book to help women to discover how to cure themselves of the consequences of aging. With the intention of helping her readers comprehend the effects of skin-aging, she has highlighted the problems in her publication, “The Celebrity Secret To Youth”. Countless women have trouble acquiring the knowledge they are looking for when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. Dr Nirdosh's literature on the subjects intend to let those women finish their search.

Dr Nirdosh's Philosophy

Colleagues and beauticians could not acknowledge Dr Nirdosh's ideas abouAboutn and hormones. Thehighly developed philosophy and treatment plan of Dr Nirdosh remains the only one of its kind. She has received appreciation and recognition for her philosophy as it is regarded the next step forwards by many of the general public and by other skincare service providers.

Dr Nirdosh – Aspects of Skincare

On top of offering anti-aging remedies, Dr Nirdosh takes care of a number of other skin-care related problems. Eye treatments, facials and varied beauty and healthcare treatments: these are what people have to look forward to when going to a clinic belonging to her. There are various other areas of skin-care that Dr Nirdosh appreciates when it comes to promoting beautiful skin. All of these areas can help a patient to seem more youthful in their progressing years. An all-inclusive, specialised skin-care procedure is presented to all those who attend her clinics.

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